don’t date anyone who won’t watch football with you

  • normal people: boy/girl problems
  • me: wifi connection problems
  • me: otp problems
  • me: 'too comfortable to get up and go pee' problems

The most beautiful players of World Cup 2014. (x)

Javier Mascherano signing his renewal until 2018. 14/08/26.

if you ever feel like your parents don’t love you, just remember that today when asked on the phone if it possible to speak to me, my mom said that the person had the wrong number

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pro’s of having Rakitić

  1. hella good assists
  2. can give players advice how to have hair like Disney prince
  3. an actual translator (speaks 5 languages)
  4. did I mention his hella good assists


i can’t wait to shamelessly force my sports teams into my children’s hearts

the black cat at camp nou

well that was the best start to the season ever

"Coming home after a trip or a workout and seeing how my son laughs & gets excited is the greatest happiness one can imagine."